Personal & Residential Shredding

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime today with an estimated 19 people every minute becoming identity theft victims. Even if caught quickly, you lose significant money and valuable time trying to resolve the issue. Ironically, shredding identifiable papers and plastic cards is one of your simplest and most effective defenses.

Protect Your Privacy

Our Business is to destroy your personal information safely and securely.

Drop Off Day Shred

We’ll travel for any size load, but sometimes a huge truck in your driveway seems like overkill. That’s why the first Monday of each month, from 3:00 pm – 5:00pm, is a Personal Shred Day. Bring your shred-ables to us for an inexpensive per box charge; watch your papers get shredded on the spot.

Eco Shred is open the first Monday, from 3 to 5PM, for drop off shredding.

Schedule a one-time purge of your personal documents that need destroyed.

One-time purge

Spring cleaning? Down-sizing? Cleaning up an estate? Gather your piles of old papers, magazines, documents, expired manuals… any papers that you’ve collected over the years, then call Eco Shred to schedule an appointment. We’ll bring our shredding truck directly to your home and shred your papers right in your driveway.

Schedule A Shredding

Items securely shredded

Recognizing the danger of identity theft is only half the battle. Collect your outdated medical and legal documents, old credit cards and receipts, bank statements and receipts, cancelled checks, DVD’s and CDs. We’ll shred your documents on the spot – our place or yours – so nothing is left to chance.

  • Personal Documents
  • Medical Documents
  • Legal Documents
  • Paper Documents
  • Credit Cards
  • Credit Card Receipts
  • Canceled Checks
  • Social Security Cards

HDDs & Media

You’ve heard of “magnetic erasing” of data from hard drives other electronics. In short, it doesn’t work. The only way to truly restrict access to your electronic files is physical hardware destruction. Don’t risk your family photos, personal journal, or password lists to strangers. Let Eco Shred protect your privacy permanently.

Eco Shred, located in Lafayette, Indiana, can shred large and small quantities of documents.

Small/large quantity shred

Whether you have a box full or a basement full, Eco Shred offers services for any size load. Our signature on-site shredding means you can witness the pulverization of your documents on the spot; no worries necessary. Choose the most cost-efficient option for you; here or there, we’ll shred it!

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Self-sealing collection bags for personal use or fundraising

Eco-Shred now offers secure -sealing, heavy-duty paper collection bags. Collect a little at a time (up to 50 lbs.). When you’re done, bring your sealed bag to our office or call to see if you’re on our route; we’ll collect and shred it on the spot. Ask about our fundraising option, too!

Paper shred bags - shredded securely and fast!

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Customized document destruction program to meet your needs

Want to know more about custom options and pricing for your shredding? Contact Eco Shred Now!
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