Business & Commercial Shredding

If secure shredding of personal documents is important, how much more urgent is it for your organization to shred client and staff information? Headlines of clients’ records in the hands of dumpster-divers are not uncommon. Don’t risk your business by compromising your clients’ security. Shred it all and feel secure!


  • Schools, Universities & Churches
  • Law Offices & Attorneys
  • CPAs, Bookkeepers, & Tax Advisors
  • Medical & Confidential
  • Banks & Financial Institutions

Industries that Shred

How is your institution preventing identity theft and protecting your clients’ privacy? Schools, universities, and churches are easy targets. Attorneys, law office staff, CPA’s, bookkeepers, and tax advisors are at great risk of exposure. Confidential medical records are in high demand, and banks and other financial institutions are equally threatened.

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Recurring Shredding

Many organizations need regular shredding services. Eco Shred specializes in coming to your institution in a consistent, predictable routine. Our trustworthy, reliable workers are respectful of your work, creating minimal interruption. Your documents are never touched by our staff and are shredded in the truck before it leaves your facility.

Eco Shred is available for scheduled, recurring shredding and information destruction.

Schedule a one-time purge for your business' old documents.

One-time purge

Moving your office? Purging old files? We’ll come to your business and transport your piles straight to our truck. You can watch it being shredded as-is; no need to worry about staples or clips. From personal sized loads to a warehouse-full, Eco Shred will save you valuable time, securely!

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Shred Events

Who’d have thought shredding could be so much fun? With Eco Shred, it is! Special Event Shred Days are a great client/employee thank you or an entertaining fundraiser. Watch the shredder eat your clutter and come away feeling free. Have a clean cubicle contest and watch mounds of paper disappear – securely.

Eco Shred is earth friendly and recycles all materials shredded in Lafayette, Indiana

Items securely shredded

Businesses face significant risks through their paperwork. Payroll records, personnel files, and contracts all contain valuable, private information. Even within the company, these records present a risk to the well-being of your staff. Profit and Loss statements and business plans in the wrong hands (your competitor’s?) equal trouble.

  • Financial Statements
  • Payroll Records
  • Personnel Files
  • Business Plans
  • Profit & Loss Statements
  • Contracts

HDDS & Media

Despite popular belief, only physical destruction will truly render your electronic media useless. Examinations of “magnetically erased” hard drives reveal useable data remaining, despite claims to the contrary. Your information is too important to risk sharing with strangers. Bring your media to Eco Shred and watch it turn into trash.


Until your documents are completely shredded, they still run the risk of a security breach. That’s why Eco-Shred provides locked, limited access, secure storage containers at your site. Don’t let your lowest level employee dictate your security policy. With Eco Shred, you can safely collect your papers without fear.

Get Containers For Your Office

Under Counter

  • Holds up to 50lbs
  • Lid with lock
  • Paper insert slot
  • Manageable size
  • 11″w – 20″d – 27″t

Executive Console

  • Holds up to 100lbs
  • Door with lock
  • Paper drop slot
  • Blends with office decor
  • 19″w – 17″d – 35″t

65 Gallon

  • Holds up to 250lbs
  • Lid with lock
  • Paper insert slot
  • Wheels for convenience
  • 24″w – 27″d – 43″t

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