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Step 2 - We come to your location in or near Lafayette, Indiana to shred.

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Sensitive Data & Private Information

Identity theft is a major concern today for both companies and individuals. Once your trash hits the street, it’s easy pickings for thieves. Supposedly “secure” information is routinely uncovered by digging in dumpsters at various organizations.

Medical and financial institutions are especially susceptible to security breaches. Sufficient shred protection measures are imperative. Sadly, even those using off-site shredding services can become victims of indiscriminate workers and accidents.

Eco Shred securely destroys documents in Lafayette and West Lafayette, Indiana.

Many companies are required by law to shred records. Unless exceptional measures are taken security is only as good as the company’s least trustworthy employee.

Serious Security

Shredding done securely in Lafayette, Indiana 47905

Eco Shred significantly reduces risks by shredding all material on-site.

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  • Tax Records
  • Pay Stubs
  • Bank Statements
  • Credit Card Statements
  • Medical Records
  • Insurance Records
  • IRA Contributions
  • Mortgage Documents
  • Warranties
  • Hard Drives and Media

Items securely shredded

Un-shredded or partially shredded financial and medical records pose a great security risk. Medical and insurance records are susceptible to expensive identity theft. Tax records, pay stubs, bank and credit card statements, mortgage documents, warrantees, and IRA contributions all require thorough shredding. And don’t forget your hard drives and media.

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Licensed professionals

Eco shred is a certified AAA member of NAID – the National Association for Information Destruction. This means our customers can be assured of compliance with the highest security standards in the industry. Our accountability to such high standards means greater protection and peace of mind for our clients.

Eco Shred hires only licensed professionals to drive, collect, and shred documents. Every worker undergoes a complete background check and drug screening. They also receive detailed training on HIPAA Privacy Rule laws and a thorough education regarding proper security measures. Eco Shred workers are easily identified by their uniform and badge, adding to our customers’ trust.

Eco Shred is NAID AAA Certified for information destruction in North Central Indiana.

The Eco Shred shredding truck comes to your location.

Shredded securely on site

Watching your private documents drive away is unnerving. How do you know what really happens once the truck leaves your facility? The truth is, you don’t know. Headlines reveal unethical practices and disastrous accidents exposing tons of confidential information to the general public.

To eliminate these dangers, Eco Shred utilizes a no-touch policy and shreds on site. No document is ever touched by our staff. Papers from our secure collection boxes or sealed bags go directly to the shredder. The truck stays until the documents are pulverized. Customers can watch by means of an internally mounted truck cam. Since everything is recycled, you can feel good about shredding every piece of unwanted paper. With Eco-Shred, a shred-all policy is smart environmentally and in meeting security compliance standards.

Environmentally Friendly

As our name implies, we care about ecology. That’s why all our nearly pulp-sized shredded paper is recycled. If left to collect in your office or basement, unwanted papers create a fire-hazard or moldy health hazard to you. Thrown in the trash, they add to the landfill (and your security risk).

By utilizing Eco Shred, your burden becomes a blessing. Your discarded papers become useful brown wear products such as boxes, napkins, and envelopes. With Eco Shred, you clean up the environment and add to the economy by supplying inexpensive alternatives to industries throughout the nation. That’s something to feel good about!

Eco Shred recycles materials shredded in Lafayette, IN.

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